Sysmax Logo

Sysmax Limited has been providing management systems and supporting services to the oil and gas sector since 1996 in the areas of Competence Assurance and Risk Management. We are managing the Great Crew Change with the support of our Operator client group. The greatest risk in the oil and gas industry is the growing shortage of competent personnel. We manage this risk by testing, certifying and training to enhance competency.

Ocean Tools logo

OceanTools produces a range of equipment for the Remotely Operated Vehicle, Offshore Survey and Offshore Drilling industries. Our products include Infrastructure Leak Detection systems, Cement Detection systems, Laser Metrology packages and Subsea Alignment and Orientation measurement systems.

Lets Train logo

LETS provides a blend of production technology consulting services and training, both public and ‘in-house’, focussed of topics ranging from Artificial Lift to Well Integrity; from Production System Modelling to Completion Design. In recent years, hundreds of offshore production operations staff have benefited from the LETS “Introduction to Well Construction & Well Integrity” course, while technical courses on a wide range of topics have been delivered in Aberdeen to engineers for more than 20 different customers. The annual Artificial Lift course, held in June, attracts attendees from around the globe.