History of Successful Consultancy

The following examples show the range of Risk and Economic evaluations undertaken and completed by Allomax.

Risk Management and Economic Evaluation
We undertook risk ranagement of various design alternatives for the development of the Jasmine HPHT field including use of Treemax and Fieldmax simulations of different conceptual field designs and economic results. Simulated various numbers of platforms and drill centres to recommend optimal configuration
Talisman Energy
Creation of a Risk Management System
We initiated and continued through to audit to implementation across Wells, Subsurface and Facilities. Projects facilitated by us have covered accident prevention, performance optimisation, environmental protection and feasibility evaluations.
Marginal Field Development Support
This was the “String of Pearls” project, analysing the potential to produce and tieback a series of proximal discoveries using subsea linkage of the fields. Risk-based economics were produced for each marginal field, and then linked to analyse the combined effects of the portfolio.
Design Optimisation of the Burghley Field Marginal Field
We compared complex designer wells against standard technology, to produce from three proximal horizons. A cost saving of £20m was outlined, with a 20% enhanced probability of success.
Acquisition Support Acquisition advice was given on the purchase of 40 producing fields, leading to the most rapid expansion of an Operator in the North Sea. We provided conceptual design of tiebacks, new fields, risk management of purchased fields, and Well Engineering input to field economics for acquisitions. The fields included Claymore, Piper, Tartan, Montrose, Arbroath, Scapa, Beatrice, Buchan, Clyde, Ross, Auk, plus a number of declined prospects. In total, we provided an estimated 85 field evaluations.
Skeie Energy Norway
Conceptual Field Design
Marginal field evaluation and recommendations for improved economic performance for a small, marginal HPHT field, using advanced technology for well design and production facilities. Our company demonstrated potential for economic recovery using simplified well design, and an independent buoy production facility.
Major operators (confidential)
Shut-Down Risk Assessment and Decision Making
Risk assessment and decision analysis for a major shut-down decision for a central processing platform when conducting upgrades to risers, using a DP (Derrick-Pipelay) heavy lift barge alongside
Acquisition Advice
We undertook Risk Management of numerous evaluations of oil and gas fields for possible purchase by an Operator, between 1997 and 2008. Our work included accident prevention and environmental risk management.
Total UK
HPHT Workover Options Analysis
For the Franklin Field development, we carried out workover risk evaluation of options for complex re-entry and workover following two failed attempts. We included partner liaison and detailed risk assessments plus economic evaluation of each alternative approach, and gave optimised recommendations.
Dong Denmark
Feasability Study and Risk Assessment
We performed risk analysis for the Nini Field ERD project, to ascertain the chance of successful completion in a complex designer well, inter-bridging two production horizons separated by shale which had failed to reach TD (Total Depth) on previous occasions
BP plc
Subsea Protection Strategy
This included a Risk Analysis of drilling deepwater wells west of Shetland in water depths to c. 1500m. We examined the risks surrounding fishing vessels, weather, submarine collision and temperature profiles.
Conceptual Field Design
We undertook conceptual field design for the Claire, Foinavon and Schiehallion deepwater fields, west of Shetland
BP Harding
Risk Assessment of Feasability Study
We reviewed the associated risks of the subsurface (reservoir, geology and completion), drilling and facilities upgrade cost implication for an extended-reach satellite development. We derived the optimal risked NPV (Net Present Value) option, revealing multi-million pound potential improvement in the project
Ranger Angola
Multi-Lateral Well Design Planning and Procurement
Here, we designed the first MLT well from a semisubmersible rig in deepwater for the Kiame field. An FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) ship was on order, and only one well was expected to be ready for production. To enhance production within the time-frame and to meet schedule requirements, an MLT well was planned which led to a dramatic improvement in field economics, making the project an economic success.

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