Who can we help?

If you are an operating company or IPM looking to fill a contract or permanent Well Engineering role, or a role in a related discipline, we can help you.

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The Selection Process

How do we define the role?

We will take the time to get to know you and understand your business priorities. Together we will identify the role’s competencies (the behaviours and skills needed to perform effectively in the job) and agree a job description.

To develop a role’s competency framework from scratch, we can chair moderated workshops with your staff to discuss the job’s risks and challenges, and to reach a consensus on the role’s required competencies.

How do we find Consultants?

We have an excellent network of Well Engineering contacts who provide referrals to quality people. We will only introduce consultants who have been recommended to us independently by two or more reputable contacts. When researching staff recruitment, we will approach potential consultants discreetly to maintain your confidentiality. We will conduct high level screening to match consultants against targets that include key competencies, readiness to move and salary expectations.

How do we check Consultants’ suitability?

We question referees closely to compare the consultant’s fit with the role’s competency profile, and with the culture of your operation. Our network allows us to conduct independent assessments of consultants with trusted sources.

How do we assure Consultants? (optional, at Operator’s request)

We can carry out structured competency-based interviews with short-listed candidates. Our interviewer will measure and score the candidates against the job’s essential competencies.

We can also provide additional tests accredited by the British Psychological Society, in conjunction with our occupational psychologist partner. These may include personality and values profiling, and in-tray tests to measure candidates’ project management and leadership abilities.

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