Our Story

BexonAllomax unites the skills and track record of two successful independent companies, both founded by the same person.

In 1992, entering the entrepreneurial world, Mark Bexon moved from his oilfield service and systems-analysis career with Sperry-Sun to found Allomax. This was in response to the petroleum major’s first initiatives to outsource drilling project management. Beginning with the Harding Platform for BP in the North Sea, Allomax has provided a well engineering consultancy service to many operators from its base in Aberdeen. Associated businesses grew up, providing experienced consultants and project management systems as the challenges of the North Sea matured. The two foremost of these were the CASMAX competency assurance system, covering Well and Production disciplines, and the RISKMAX risk quantification and management system for operators such as BP, Shell, Amerada Hess and Kerr McGee.

While Allomax continued its success, Mark left in 2004 to set up Bexon Search & Service, a personnel subcontracting company with an international focus on senior well operations staff. From individual engineers to entire engineering teams, this company’s consultants have worked across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, supporting operations on every type of rig on land and at sea, during all phases of a well’s lifecycle. Bexon Search & Service has also undertaken projects in engineering and management systems development

Consolidating previous success, Allomax Associates was returned to its co-founder’s leadership in the summer of 2014, to strengthen access to a wider range of operators and senior well engineering consultants. The new company’s size, experience and management support a highly-informed, reliable and wisely-researched business offering senior engineering teams both on location, and in the operator’s office. This united company is BexonAllomax Ltd.