Our affiliated company Sysmax brings to your project a number of extensively tested systems for project management and risk evaluation. They maximize quality assurance and decision optimisation for projecwets ranging in size from a single well to an entire field. All have been developed in-house following decades of experience.

casmax Casmax Competency Management System
Develop your personnel to meet corporate needs, identify skill gaps and rectify them, find key skills within your organisation and maintain a continuous improvement environment for personnel development.
riskmax Riskmax Risk Management Process
Provides a simple process for ensuring Project risks are identified, categorised and assigned and managed over the life of a project
drillmax Drillmax Risked AFE Generator
Risk based cost estimation tool for Drilling, Testing, Completion and Well Operations. The system utilises offset well performance or a Technical Limit (DWOP) type process to produce well cost estimates utilising probabilistic simulation techniques.
treemax Treemax Decision Tree Probabilistic Comparisons
Treemax calculates the probabilistic distribution of risk, time and costs at the end point of the entire branch by exercising all variables within that branch across their full range. This gives a true representation not only of the outturn costs of each branch but also of the percentage chance of occurrence, taking in to account all preceding risks within the decision tree.
fieldmax Fieldmax Risk Based Economic Evaluation System
Integrates Drilling, Completion and Facilities costs with schedule and risked production profiles to provide an economic analysis or a series of opportunities or options.